Stainless footbath for shoe disinfection

Disinfect your shoes before entering your business, office or home.

In order to ensure effective use of shoe disinfection, the footbath should be placed in places where it is necessary to pass through, such as: entrances to buildings, access to places frequented by a large number of people and other places where it is necessary to ensure the minimum risk of contamination.

Disinfection fluid supplied separately.

After the footbath there should be a clean and dry place where the user can remove the excess of disinfectant liquid present in the sole of the footwear. This place can be guaranteed by placing a dry mat after the footbath. If it is not possible to place the mat after the footbath, it must be guaranteed that the floor after the footbath is dry and if possible non-slip.

For the first use it is advisable to use only the amount of disinfectant needed to soak the foam and add as necessary. The disinfectant should be added taking into account its use. In case of high use, it must be ensured that the disinfectant is replaced at some frequency.

The 2mm foam pad included inside the footbath guarantees the correct absorption of the disinfectant, while guaranteeing the necessary friction to avoid falls. The rubber mat is also resistant to disinfectant. The foam mat lasts approximately 3 to 4 months, depending on use.

Dimensions: 720mm x 520mm x 15mm (L x W x H).  The reduced height in relation to the ground guarantees easy use, even for users with reduced mobility.

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