Face shield

-Made in Portugal
-Full face protection
-Face in the forehead area for comfort
-Flexible PVC adjustable tape
-Compatible with wearing glasses and mask
-Support: Polypropylene
-Visor: 180 micron PVC Acetate (Standard version) or 700 micron Polycarbonate (Pro version)
-Packaging: 40 to 50 pcs. per box
Temperature resistance: Support up to 140ºC and Acetate up to 70ºC (short periods of time) or 60ºC (long periods)
Can be stored and transported in its original packaging at room temperature (0ºC to 30ºC);
Can be stored in dark environments up to 3 years;
-No storage in places with direct exposure to light and heat;
-Clean with warm water and soap and soft cloth or with non-abrasive disinfectant solution;
-Not to use solvents or abrasives